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Japanese Kimono, PART 2

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

*To date of this post, Cultural Fashion Resources receives zero commission off sales purchased through these links. This post is an attempt to offer helpful and relatable links in one place to interested costumers and costume designers.*


Wow! The "KIMONO" has been around for centuries! We're talking like, at least since 794 AD. has put forth a simple, quick read of the History of Kimono. I love their drawings / depictions. Take a moment to check out their site.

Check out Google Arts & Culture on the History of Kimono. On this same page you will find a pattern for making your own kimono. Used from only one cut of fabric 0.38m x 13m (15 inches x 14.25 yards), designers get one kimono with zero fabric waste!

One more site of interest on the History of Kimono is


Web-Japan also has a link to Kimono Types & Designs. Here, it gives a brief review of the weaving and dyeing processes used to make a kimono. It also reviews the Obi. A true Kimono is not complete without an Obi. If you are interested in accessories of the Kimono, this same link might interest you as well.

At, "All you need to know about Japanese Silk" is right at your finger tips! And the images of the fabrics are by far, drop-dead gorgeous!

Another great link to learn about Silks & Fabrics about Kimonos is found at

If you have time, check out on Japanese Textiles.

Interested in learning more about the different prints on the Kimono fabrics? Check out another page on for a truly inspiring read!

PURCHASE your FABRIC to make your own kimono at With a wide range of prints and designs, you will certainly find a favorite fabric of choice for your own kimono creation.

Have you checked out the site? Home to so many shops and creators, there is bound to be a fabric print and design to tickle your fancy.

FIND A PATTERN for your Kimono creation.

A simple .pdf download is available at "FingerprintProps" etsy shop. With over 21K sales and 2,000 reviews at 4.8 stars, this shop is bound to deliver.

Need to watch a YouTuber show you how they assemble a Kimono? Follow Billy Matsunaga's tutorial on sewing a kimono with traditional Japanese sewing techniques.


Want to purchase your own ready-made Kimono? Check out some lovely kimonos at

You'll also find some gorgeous ready-made Kimonos at

Or even check out Ohio Kimono for another variety of a collection of ready-made Kimonos.

Let me know if any of these links and information was helpful to you! I'd love know what else you might be looking for so I can help you with your searching! Cheers.

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