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Japanese Kimonos, PART 1

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Welcome! My first blog post on Cultural Fashion! Let's Begin. . .

Photo by Lyu JackSon on Unsplash

I've decided to start with the Japanese Kimono because I recently watched a live stream of a Kimono Presentation given by Anna Jackson, keeper of Asian Art, with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England. The presentation was titled, "Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk" and was wonderfully done. I love how she presented and talked about the exhibits, including textiles and methods of achieving the artwork on the kimono fabric itself. I also love how Anna responded to questions at the end. Specifically, the question about cultural appropriation. In short, I understood her response was to be sure you are wearing your kimono appropriately, as intended by the designer / seller. And, upon questioning kimono designers with whom she had contact, they were each excited about anyone wearing kimonos due to the dying art and kimonos, if people of other cultures wear kimonos, it will keep the kimono garment alive!

So, wear your kimono, Fashion Lovers! Share your love of cultural fashion with those in whom you have contact.

Although the exact presentation I watched is no longer available, I have linked another presentation, also by Anna Jackson, on the Kimonos: Kyoto to Catwalk exhibit. Enjoy!

Photo by Lyu JackSon on Unsplash

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